Title: Crab Cakes with Romesco Sauce

Category: Entree



Crab cakes: Mix all ingredients together and season to taste use a little flour or breadcrumbs to achieve correct consistency. Shape into cakes
Dip in flour, egg wash and breadcrumbs
Heat olive oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat until hot. Cook 5 minutes per side or until golden. Cook sides by propping up at side of pan.

Romesco: Roast red peppers and remove skin. Coat with olive oil and seasoning and roast in oven until blackened. Steam by putting in ziplok bag. Remove eye, cut into quarters and remove seeds. Toss with chopped garlic, sugar, salt and chopped fresh thyme and a tiny amount of olive oil.

Oven dry the tomatoes 60deg F overnight. Cool.
Saute onions, almond and garlic, add in tomatoes and peppers. Puree and keep warm.

4oz almonds
4oz crabmeat
4oz red grapes
4oz baby urugula or other greens
2oz scallions
Toast the almonds in butter and olive oil, with the crab meat. Mix in the grapes and greens, season to taste and add a dash of olive oil. Take off the heat -do not want the grapes to go mushy.
Place a ring in the center of the plate, spoon in one spoon of romesco sauce dress the salad on top. Sit the crab cake on top with another spoon of sauce on top of the crab cake. Garnish with scallion strips. Arrange 4-5 of the grapes around the base of the dish and drizzle olive oil.