Title: Pizza Foccacia Bread dough - Poolish

Category: Bread

Cuisine: Italian

Source: Vito Lacopelli



Add warm water, yeast and honey into large bowl. Add flour and mix until fully incorporated. Poolish will be liquid looking. Seal well with cling film
Let rest 1hr at room temperature, then over night in the fridge.

Making the dough.
Put 180g flour and salt in bowl and then add the poolish. Kneed well till smooth. Cover and let rest for 1 hr at room temperature.

Make balls.
Form into 4 or 5 250g balls lay on covered tray and let rest for 3-4 hrs at room temperature.

Use as is.

Generously oil a 9x9 pan. oil top of dough ball. Lift and gentle rise and form - place in the pan. Cover with plastic and let rest at room temp till double in size. press out gently to edges of the pan and lift a little to make sure not sticking to the bottom. Put ingredients on top - crushed toms dried oregano, parsley - Let rest for 15 mins.

Take out one ball and flip onto top - add another ball on top. Gently roll and form to get smooth loaf like shape. Lightly flour tray - use peel to put on tray and lightly flour top - cover with towel and let rest at room temp for 2 hrs. Turn tray upside down and wait for loaf to drop onto lightly floured counter, use a spatula if it doesn't drop. Lightly flour top of loaf and score - use peel to bake on pizza stone.