Framing of the new garage

Framing was completed by Trevor with the help from friends:
Jerry Akkers - cordless nailer
Tom Goodman - Circular saw, chop saw, driver and misc tools
Steve Sikkenga - Trim nailer
Scott McEwen - Ladders
Advice from Andy Cole and others...

Here is the wood delivered for the walls.

Framing 01   Framing 02

Sill plate construction.

Framing 03   Framing 04

First wall.

Framing 05   Framing 06

More walls and sheeting.

Framing 10   Framing 11   Framing 12
Framing 13   Framing 15

Now for some exciting video showing how we raised the gable end up on top of the gable walls.

The roof progressing.

Framing 20   Framing 21   Framing 22
Framing 23

The shingles which were hand nailed.

Shingles 01   shingles 02   shingles 03
shingles 04

The roof finished.

roof 01   roof 02

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