Building a garage

The time has finally come for the old, subsiding, built in the 1930's single stall garage to be demolished and a new detached garage to be built.

Old garage   Old garage 2
These are the steps to building a garage:

Plans and Permits

Garage spec:

Skoceles Land Surveying Inc (231) 799-0290, April 17th, $375
Mike Francek (231) 724-6982, Feb 25th obtained zoning approval
Kirk Briggs (231) 215-7476, April 9th got permits

Remove old concrete slab:

DIY see below:
Cooper Concrete recycling (231) 206-3648,  $145 for dumpster.

Old slab 01  Old slab 02  Slab removal

Slab removal 02  slab break 03  dumpster 02

   Full dumster concrete

Dig trench for footing:

4ft deep x 3ft wide, 22 x 22ft
Terramite rental $206 + $16 gas

   terramite  Terramite02  finished trench dig

Demolish old garage:

Garage brick demolish  Garage brick 2

Pour Footing:

Fred (231) 861-0623 labor cost $400
4 cu Yards concrete approx $452.62 inc rebar

   concrete forms  concrete truck in driveway  concrete truck in driveway

   concrete 09  concrete 11  concrete 12

Foundation wall:

Fred (231) 861-0623 labor cost $475
Qty 300 10 x 8 x 16 blocks, 3 core $1.45ea
Qty 150 6 x 8 x 16 blocks, 3 core $1.07ea

   block being delivered  Block being craned in  Block ready for construction

   Laying block 01  foundation finished

Pour slab

Gerrit Lankamp (616) 638-1668, 22 x 27 feet, approx cost $1,350
$2.20/sq ft

 grading the lot  Grading with bobcat  Ready for concrete

 slab truck arriving  slab pour  slab pour bull float

 kryptonite lock  motorcycle lock down 01  motorcycle lock down 02

 finished slab



Robert Bell (231) 798-0268, cost $12,750
Rick Klomp (231) 206-1218, cost $8,000 labor only

Brick spec:
Bowerston Shale Co
Dark Red Flash, Vertical Matt, Modular, #10098
Vanderwall (616) 842-4500
Stone Zone
Diamond Clear sealer from Vanderwall

Brick on the house   Brick compare

The second picture above shows the new brick compared to the existing house brick.

Brick is 8 x 2-1/4 x 4, color and texture will match but not size.
$0.75ea, approx 4,500 bricks needed (500 to a cube)

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