Acorn Squash - Apple Stuffed EntreeAmerican06.0
Almond cake Scandanavian00.0
Antipasto Kabobs Side00.0
Apple and Blackberry Crumble Dessert06.0
Apple Cake DessertAmerican06.0
Apple Cake, German CakeGerman08.0
Apple Pecan Mushroom stuffing Side00.0
Apple Pie, tall DessertAmerican010.0
Apple tart, Normandy, French DessertFrench00.0
Apples, ginger baked DessertAmerican04.0
Asparagus and Scallop Chowder Soup012.0
Asparagus pickled 08.0
Asparagus Salad SaladAmerican04.0
Baba Ganouj SideMiddle Eastern012.0
Bacala EntreeItalian00.0
Bacala with Potatoes EntreeItalian00.0
Bakewell Tart CakeEnglish08.0
Balsamic Vinigarette 0None
Banana Bread Cake08.0
Banana Walnut Ice cream Dessert02.0
Barley Risotto Entree04.0
Barley risotto with fennel Entree0None
Barley Stuffed Peppers Entree0None
Basil pesto Pesto0None
Beans, Tuscan-style, slow cooker Side0None
Beetroot, cheese and cranberry pies with wasabi potatoes Entree06.0
Black Bean Dip Appetizer06.0
Black Bean Salad, Lisa SaladSouthwestern06.0
Black bean soup SoupMexican04.0
Black bean soup, Cuban Soup04.0
Black Beans and Rice Side0None
Black beans and rice enchiladas Entree0None
Black beans, spicy SideMexican08.0
Black eye pea soup Soup06.0
Black eyed peas & Pork chilli Soup00.0
Blue cheese coleslaw Side06.0
Boeuf Bourguignon EntreeFrench06.0
Braised Beans Side06.0
Braised Fish with Spicy Tomato Sauce Entree04.0
Brandied Mincemeat Dessert00.0
Bread, no knead, Dutch oven Bread00.0
Bread, Schiaccata BreadItalian06.0
Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa bites Appetizer030.0
Bruschetta, version 1 Appetizer0None
Bruschetta, version 2 Appetizer0None
Brussel sprouts with Walnuts gorgonzola Side08.0
Bulgur Salad with Cherries and Feta Salad08.0
Butter Chicken EntreeIndian012.0
Butter Chicken Trevor's EntreeIndian08.0
Buttermilk pancakes BreakfastAmerican04.0
Buttermilk Pie DessertAmerican00.0
Butternut Squash & Black Bean Chilli 00.0
Butternut Squash mac and cheese Side06.0
Butternut Squash soup Soup08.0
Butternut squash, spinach, feta and lentil gratin Entree06.0
Cabbage no-meatballs EntreeMiddle Eastern012.0
Cabbage soup Soup0None
Caesar Salad Salad06.0
Candied citrus peels Dessert048.0
Cannellini beans and chorizo Appetizer0None
Cantuccini Biscotti CookiesItalian00.0
Cappellini Pasta Entree0None
Carrot apple muffins Cake012.0
Carrot cake Dessert00.0
Carrot Dip Appetizer08.0
Carrot dip (2) 00.0
Carrot Ginger soup Soup06.0
Carrot Lentil Soup Soup08.0
Catch of the Day Stew Soup012.0
Cauliflower casserole Side0None
Cauliflower Soup Soup08.0
Charred Broccoli with Capers Side00.0
Cheese and mushroom Quesadillas Appetizer08.0
Cheese and Nut No-meatloaf 00.0
Cherry Crisp Dessert0None
Chick pea and Chorizo salad Salad00.0
Chicken Enchiladas, easy EntreeMexican0None
Chicken Wings Appetizer08.0
Chickpea and Spinach soup Soup08.0
Chickpea Chana Masala, Indian EntreeIndian08.0
Chickpea Cobb Salad Salad02.0
Chickpea Dumplings in Curried Tomato Sauce EntreeIndian06.0
Chickpea Poatao Curry EntreeIndian06.0
Chickpea salad Salad00.0
Chickpea Satay Indonesian EntreeIndonesian08.0
Chickpea Soup with Cilantro Cream Soup00.0
Chickpea stew Entree00.0
Chickpeas - Moorish-Spiced Spanish EntreeSpanish02.0
Chilli sauce, canned Sauce06.0
Chocolate Bark with Walnuts and Dried Cherries Dessert0None
Chocolate brownies Dessert09.0
Chocolate Cake, flourless Dessert00.0
Chocolate cookies with espresso Cookies022.0
Chocolate fudge cakes, hot Dessert010.0
Chocolate pie Dessert0None
Chocolate Pots de Creme with Chile and Espresso Dessert06.0
Chocolate tart Dessert016.0
Chocolate Tart with hazulnut shortbread crust Dessert0None
Chocolate Torte flourless Dessert08.0
Chocolate, passover gateau Dessert012.0
Chocolate, white cheesecake Dessert0None
Christmas Pudding DessertEnglish08.0
Coconut Banana Bread Bread00.0
Coconut Curry Lentil Soup Soup00.0
Coconut muffins Cake00.0
Cod Chowder Soup0None
Cod with Fennel Entree0None
Coleslaw Side00.0
Corn Flake Crusted Fish Fillets EntreeMexican06.0
Corn salad Salad05.0
Cowboy cookies Cookies00.0
Crab Bisque Soup0None
Crab Cakes with Fresh Corn Salsa Entree0None
Crab Cakes with Romesco Sauce Entree00.0
Crab pasta Entree0None
Crab pate Appetizer0None
Crab Salad with Ginger and Dried Orange Peel Salad04.0
Creme Anglaise Sauce0None
Creme brule Dessert06.0
Creole mustard sauce Sauce0None
Crepes BreakfastFrench010.0
Crumble Dessert00.0
Cucumber salad, creamy Salad00.0
Cucumber salad, sour cream Salad00.0
Cumin salmon with yogurt-cucumber sauce Entree04.0
Deviled Eggs with Crab Side0None
Digestive biscuits Bread012.0
Dill creme fraiche Sauce06.0
Duck breast with Cranberry Sauce Entree0None
English toffee 0None
Faggots & Onion Gravy EntreeEnglish0None
Falafel Entree00.0
Falafel baked Entree08.0
Fennel apple salad 0None
Fennel gratin with lemon and romano Side00.0
Fennel soup with baked onions Soup08.0
Fennel, roasted Side0None
Fennel, roasted with Cherry Tomatoes Side06.0
Fig, Parma ham, Mozzarella salad SaladItalian06.0
Fish Pie Entree08.0
Fisherman's Pie EntreeEnglish0None
Fisherman's Pie, bistro EntreeEnglish0None
French Onion Soup French00.0
French Yogurt Cake - pound cake Cake00.0
Fresh Fig Tart Dessert0None
Fresh lime pie. Dessert0None
Fudge Almond Tart Dessert010.0
German salad Salad06.0
Ginger Brownie Crinkle Cookies CookiesAmerican020.0
Ginger cake Cake00.0
Gnocchi AppetizerItalian04.0
Granola Bars (3) CookiesAmerican024.0
Greek Berry Cobbler 0None
Greek salad Salad06.0
Green bean and roasted red pepper frittata Breakfast0None
Green Bean Casserole SideAmerican05.0
Guacamole en Molcajete Side04.0
Halibut in carrot-cilantro broth Entree04.0
Ham, Leek and Brie sandwich Appetizer04.0
Harissa sauce 0None
Herb and Goat chees pie, Potato crust Entree08.0
Holiday Stuffing Side0None
Huevos Rancheros BreakfastMexican04.0
Hummus SideMiddle Eastern00.0
Hummus (from scratch) SideMiddle Eastern04.0
Italian White Fish Soup 0None
jambalaya Entree06.0
Japanese curry powder Japanese00.0
Kiwi and Crab Salad 04.0
Lasagna EntreeItalian012.0
Lasagne one pot vegetable EntreeItalian06.0
Lavaash Persian flatbread BreadMiddle Eastern016.0
Leek and Goat Cheese Frittata Breakfast04.0
Leek and Goat cheese Quiche Entree08.0
Leek artichoke Frittata Breakfast06.0
Leek Potato Soup SoupAmerican08.0
Leek, Potato & Parmesan Frittata Breakfast08.0
Lemon Butter Sauce Sauce0None
Lemon Dill Sauce Sauce0None
Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta Entree04.0
Lemon Ginger Turmeric Dressing Sauce00.0
Lemon mayonnaise 0None
Lemon melt away cookies 00.0
Lemon Rice Cake CakeItalian010.0
Lemon Surprise Pudding DessertEnglish06.0
Lemon thyme dressing Sauce0None
Lemon-Walnut Biscotti Cookies00.0
Lentil and rice loaf, curried EntreeIndian012.0
Lentil and Spinach stew Entree04.0
Lentil Burgers Entree0None
Lentil Burgers(2) Entree06.0
Lentil Dal SideIndian04.0
Lentil Moroccan soup Soup012.0
Lentil soup Iraqi00.0
Lentil Stew with Squash and Chickpeas EntreeIndian06.0
Lentil, Indian SoupIndian04.0
Lentils curried with spinach EntreeIndian05.0
Lentils with Chicken Sausage Entree04.0
Mackerel Pate, smoked 0None
Mackerel with peas and egg Entree04.0
Mango, Radish, and Apple Salad 0None
Maple Pumpkin Bread Pudding Dessert012.0
Meatballs Entree0None
Mincemeat Cake06.0
Mixed Vegeable Curry EntreeIndian04.0
Mushroom risotto Entree04.0
Mushroom Sage Sauce Sauce0None
Mushroom Stew 06.0
Mushrooms, stuffed Side012.0
Mustard cream sauce Sauce0None
Mustard, whole grain Sauce08.0
Naan Bread BreadIndian08.0
New York Cheesecake Dessert00.0
Oatmeal, chocolate cookies Cookies00.0
Orange Cucumber Salad, Sicilian Salad04.0
Orange Fennel and Olive Salad 04.0
Orange Ginger Soy Sauce SauceAsian/Chinese00.0
Orange pound cake Cake08.0
Orange sauce Sauce0None
Oxtail Soup SoupEnglish06.0
Paella, Spanish authentic EntreeSpanish08.0
Panna Cotta with Dried Cherry Compote Dessert0None
Pasties 016.0
Pea Soup SoupAmerican08.0
Pea Soup, minted with Smoked Salmon NoneNone4.0
Peach and blackberry cobbler DessertAmerican08.0
Peach and raspberry crisp Dessert0None
Peanut Butter DessertAmerican08.0
Pears poached in red wine Dessert06.0
Peas, minty snap Side0None
Pecan Coconut Pie DessertAmerican08.0
Pecan shortbread Dessert012.0
Penne al Vodka EntreeItalian0None
Pepper - corn chowder Soup04.0
Pepperkaker Dessert00.0
Pistachio-Cranberry Biscotti Dessert0None
Pistachio-Lemon Bars Cookies016.0
Pita / Pizza BreadItalian00.0
Pizza dough - machine BreadItalian04.0
Pizza Foccacia Bread dough - Poolish BreadItalian00.0
Plum cake, German DessertGerman00.0
Plum Chile Salsa Side0None
Potato baked Spinach Artichoke SidePaleo, Vegan06.0
Potato Bisque, garlicky SoupFrench00.0
Potato fennel gratin Side0None
Potato mix, Indian 00.0
Potato Salad with green Onion Dressing Salad0None
Potato salad, old fashioned Side06.0
Potato, spicy wedges Side08.0
Potatoes, Hassleback Side06.0
Potatoes, rustic mashed Side0None
Pumpkin cheesecake Dessert0None
Pumpkin Pasta with Goats Cheese and Sage Butter Entree0None
Pumpkin Quickbread Bread012.0
Pumpkin Sage Risotto 08.0
Pumpkin Soup Creamy Thai Soup08.0
Puttanesca Pasta Italian00.0
Quinoa greek salad Salad06.0
Rabbit Stew Entree02.0
Raspberry Ragout Dessert0None
Red Beans and Rice Side04.0
Red Cabbage Thoren Side04.0
Red Cabbage, braised Side0None
Red Onions Pickled Side02.0
Rhubarb Bars shortbread Cookies00.0
Rice pudding Dessert0None
Rice Pudding Nana's Dessert06.0
Rice, Baked with White Beans, Leeks and Lemon EntreeAmerican08.0
Rice, Mexican Side0None
Rice, perfect SideIndian04.0
Rice, sesame SideIndian04.0
Rice, Spanish Side0None
Rice, Yellow SideMexican0None
Riceballs Side0None
Rich Fruit Cake Cake00.0
Root Vegetable Stew w/ herbed dumplings Entree06.0
Roti Dough, Indian BreadIndian00.0
Russian Borscht Soup08.0
Salmon and mashed potato croquettes Side020.0
Salmon asparagus, morels and leeks 06.0
Salmon Rigatoni Entree0None
Salmon with Lemon and Thyme Scented Salsa Veracruzana EntreeMexican06.0
Salmon with Mushroom Sauce Entree04.0
Salmon, Hoisin Entree04.0
Salmon, potato and peas Entree04.0
Salmon, Sesame Entree0None
Salsa, canned Sauce07.0
Samosas, authentic AppetizerIndian024.0
Scallops with Brussels Sprouts Entree02.0
Scallops with Mango Appetizer0None
Scones Breakfast00.0
Shepherds Pie EntreeEnglish08.0
Short Crust Pastry Recipe Dessert0None
Shrimp and Water Chestnut Toasts Appetizer06.0
Shrimp Salad with Croutons Salad04.0
Shrimp taco bites Appetizer024.0
Shrimp, Avocado and grapefruit salad 04.0
Shrimp, avocado rice bowl Entree04.0
Snap Peas with Scallions and Radishes Side04.0
Spicy Tofu Side00.0
Spinach and White bean dip Side00.0
Spinach Pie Entree08.0
Steak and Guinness Pie Entree06.0
Sticky Toffee Pudding Dessert08.0
Stollen 00.0
Sweet potato & red pepper pasta Entree04.0
Sweet potato and red lentil bisque Soup06.0
Sweet potato Japanese curry with Udon noodles EntreeJapanese04.0
Sweet potato pudding cake Dessert012.0
Sweet potato soup Soup04.0
Sweet Tart Pastry Cake00.0
Tarte au citron DessertFrench08.0
Thai Fish Cakes EntreeAsian/Thai04.0
Three Bean Salad 0None
Thyme and Oregano butter Sauce0None
Tomato green chile salsa Side0None
Tomato herb cod Entree0None
Tomato Sauce Side0None
Tomato Soup, cream of with Tarragon Soup00.0
Tomato zucchini salad Salad0None
Tortilla Soup with pasilla chile fresh cheese and avocado SoupMexican06.0
Trout With Almonds Entree04.0
Trout With Lemon-Brown Butter Entree0None
Tuna noodle casserole EntreeAmerican08.0
Vegetable pie Entree08.0
Vegetable stock (FODMAP) SoupAmerican04.0
Vegetarian Chili 00.0
Venison and Bulgar Meatloaf Entree08.0
Victoria sandwich Dessert00.0
White bean and roasted tomato Soup0None
White Bean and Spinach Soup Soup00.0
White Chili Soup0None
Whitefish Patties EntreeAmerican00.0
Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup 00.0
Wild Rice Mushroom Casserole SideAmerican08.0
Yorkshire Pudding SideEnglish0None